Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Shuffle Mix #2

Track list is a surprise so it's a great chance to maybe pick up something you haven't heard before.

Cover art shows some cassette mixes I made in school during the 80s (still have 'em as historical record). The photo is for cover art that I think about it, I'm not even sure I have most these songs in mp3 anyhow...

Cheese free, no worries.


P.S. I was inspired by baroquedub (been around as long as I can remember...) to post a file of the mix.


  1. well, of course, i'm gonna check this out. i am intrigued by "The Utlimate Jam (Party!) BYH" mix, cuz ending the last side with KISS, ACDC, Ozzy, and then Eddie flipping Money is so much gold.

    that said, i'm more curious about the supreme goodness that is found on "'Classics' Off CD!" or probably moreso, "Mellow."

    Ahhhh, I miss the good ole mixTAPE!!!

  2. Sorry, these songs aren't on there...maybe i can rip it for the "true" experience as most tracks are from vinyl! CDs were new toward the later tapes thus the ! in the title in one of them.