Monday, June 20, 2011

Dorobo Videos 1992-1995


Let's try this again...

The Dorobo label (now defunct) out of Australia has been one of my favorite labels for a while.  Mostly the brainchild and work of Darrin Verhagen under his various monikers, it features some interesting music of a more "industrial" nature, social commentary with an art school aesthetic.

This is a compilation of videos of artists from the label.  The videos definitely match the feel of the music.  Grainy, industrial, Kafka-esque collages.  An excellent series of videos put together by I+T=R (local designer Richard Grant credited by Verhagen with creating the entire Dorobo aesthetic)

Turn down the lights and turn up the volume for a creepy good time.

This one is long overdue for a DVD treatment.  Richard Grant has been posting some stellar videos on his YouTube account which includes everything here and then some.

TCH (aka This Crepuscular Hour) also has a YouTube account well worth checking out.

Experiment and engaging stuff, highly, highly recommended.


1 Shinjuku Filth - Detox
2 Snog - Cliche
3 Shinjuku Thief - Komachi Ruins
4 Hanging Garden - Rust
5 Shinjuku Thief - The Assessor / Stepping From Routine / Lips Of The Guilty
6 Snog - Empires
7 Ryoji Ikeda - What's Wrong / Zone 2
8 TCH - In Sensorium
9 Professor Richmann - Eis
10 Shinjuku Thief - Warm As The Blood Beneath The Clods / In The Path Of Walpurga's Ashes
11 Loggerhead - Demons In Rapture
12 This Digital Ocean - Heartbreaker
13 Shinjuku Thief - The Year Of Silence




  1. thanks a lot, "dorobo" really was a great label and still, these days, I listen to the wonderful "document" compilations quite a lot.

  2. part 6 is missing?

  3. Well, that's bizarre...check back, I'll have to do some investigating.

    MF seems to drop files.

  4. Too bad i can not use torrents :)
    anyway...thanx for the effort...

  5. txt file to new links posted...

  6. thanx for the re-up mate!

  7. You might once posted a link of this videos and other experimental artists of the 90s, but not on you tube, it was the artist / record label page. Can you share the link again??

  8. Hi, I'm not sure which post you mean. Was it this one? Not really experimental but I can keep looking...