Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shameless plug...

Sorry, no links to the new stuff, just plugging the artists but, as with most things these days, you can track 'em down online without much headache.

Knowone LP001 - incredible compilation of slowed down, chilled out dub tech (shades of bvdub all over this one)

Silent Season - Full Circle (sampler), each sleeve individually screenprinted over a recycled jacket, contains four tracks from the Silent Season Wandering compilation which is one of the best electronic compilations I've ever heard (picked up a copy of this one as well on CD, limited edition of 300 made).  Well worth the effort to track it down. 

Relapxych.0 - City Nighlights - his latest release, well worth picking up a copy; comes in various versions, including a 5.1 Surround Sound mix.   

A.R. Ranger - Variations Over Laura Palmer's Theme - Picked this one up after revisiting Julee Cruise's Floating Into the Night.  A smattering of Julee Cruise stuff is available here.

Also picked up a sealed copy of Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Session on the CJ's own Latent label.  This is the original, released only in Canada before being picked up by RCA and re-issued.  If you don't already have this album, it is one of those rare truly essential albums.

Got tons of other crap that needs gones through too...been a little busy...

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