Saturday, March 12, 2016


Discovered her here many, many moons ago. Learned of this, her only release, and sought to track it down. The album itself was not expensive but it was never available in the US so I'd be paying up yo five times or more than the price of the album for postage alone.

I have discovered lately that on amazon you can often find the same discs inexpensively and pay a lesser ship charge ($3.99) to receive albums from overseas (in this case, these both came from Germany). Much better than the $6 to $10 that shipping often costs from overseas to the US which is a total buzzkill as the market in the US isn't always friendly to musically adventurous souls.

This is a rare promo that I discovered while virtual crate digging. It wasn't listed on Discogs (is now) and only had a passing reference on one of those old warez sites.

A Few Reasons (2006) 

Prophets Of Profit (2006)

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