Sunday, April 14, 2013

Logical Progression

Perhaps the apex of the atmospheric end of drum n bass, LTJ Bukem carved out a sound that was inimitable.

Logical Progression (1996)

Truly a defining moment in the sound, essential on every level.


Logical Progression Level 1 (2001)

This one confused me for the longest time. Couldn't figure out why they both had the same basic name but sounded so completely different. It isn't a special edition of the original or a remaster. Pays homage to the first but other than a few shared tracks this is a completely different vision.

CD 1 is the vocal mix, CD 2 the instrumental of the same and CD 3 a smattering of unmixed tracks.

Logical Progression EP (1991)

The namesake.


  1. Absolutely brilliant tunes. Seba's So Long & Planetary Funk Alert are two of my all-time faves. This music occupied 100% of my ears about ten years ago. Thanks for bringing them back onto my system.

  2. Thought of you when I posted this. Assuming this inspired your blog name.

  3. So, where is the brown, juicy HERE button?

  4. Hint: try enlarging one of the images. ;-)

  5. Thanx for hint! :)

  6. Gracias por el disco un saludo desde Villarrica Chile, ciudad turistica que deberias conocer