Thursday, January 1, 2015

variant - oceans end (2014)

Not sure if everyone kept up with the goings on in the Echospace camp but 2014 was the year where it all came together. With the slowly increasing popularity of 'dub techno' as a genre, Echospace/Deepchord championed the sound with a slew of releases, remixes and re-issues. 

Steve Hitchell has been the primary driver behind filling the pipeline with his multiple array of moniker driven sounds and just after midnight he dropped this little gem from his Variant project, easily one of my favorite sounds he has developed.

With three Variant projects dropping toward the end of the year, not including the bonus found on his Sounds Library DVD, this was a perfect end to an old year and a great start to a new one.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offering so show some love so the music can continue

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  1. Hey
    Is it possible make re-upload Variant's album The Setting Sun or Falling Stars?
    Many thanks for great blog :)