Sunday, January 25, 2015

dronescape 24 (2015) - Cousin Silas [weareallghosts]

If you've been here for a while you'll know that I've gravitated toward the generically tagged 'drone' as my latest musical adventure. It's one of the few things I've found that is able to bring me down enough to focus on whatever it is I'm doing. I stumbled across the weareallghosts site some time ago and, like the DIY ethos at Terminal Sound, have found it to be an innovative and forward thinking community.

So when this one popped up this morning, I realized that music has the power to heal not only by the music itself by calling together like minded individuals to show support, the whole able to do so much more than the one alone.

From the site:

weareallghosts started nearly 3 years ago as a DIY ambient music community that listens and promotes each other’s music; it is one that builds upon an initial idea that focuses on the common good that brings us together rather than the things that divide us as people.
Rick Chase is a prime example of this common good. A chap who through his superb depository for videos on Youtube and his FB group - Ambiofusion - has always been highly encouraging and enthusiastic about ambient music and the community as a whole. Chase is, specifically, a big fan of Cousin Silas and, in Dave’s own words, he felt “compelled to help the lad” and thought it was time to give back. And give back we will … via dronescape 024 (waag_drs024).
Cousin Silas is very generous with his music and puts everything he can on Archive or Bandcamp for free (PWYW). It is his way of ensuring everyone has access to his music and I fully endorse this rationale. Dronescape 024 (waag_drs024) is different, however. It will ONLY be available on Bandcamp and will cost you the minimum of £1. This isn’t to raise funds for wearellghosts but to raise funds for Rick Chase.
This is Cousin Silas’ way of giving back. A couple of weeks ago, Rick’s wife - Kelly - died of a rare form of cancer. Rick is left with two daughters … and a considerable medical bill to repay. As Dave said in recent correspondence, ‘Our donations are pitiful, but we are trying”. Every single penny donated will go to Rick Chase. I will do my bit by covering the Bandcamp and Paypal costs … however, I will struggle if someone donates a £1,000. That aside, let’s see if we can raise something for Rick … and show him that the weareallghosts community cares and cares enough to help.

It's a £1 minimum to generate some genuine help but please contribute more if you are able.


P.S. If you haven't picked it up yet their end of year offering is stellar and gives you a solid introduction to the label's offerings. You can check that one out


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