Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vytis - Edge Of Universe (2015)

Vytis, one of the most maniacally working musicians I've seen lately, is back with a new album. I've been following him for a little while now via various netlabel such as Cold Tear, Spaceal Orbeats, (the now retired) deepindub, Insectorama and his own Silverfield Records. All of his work is excellent, no matter the style he chooses. Truly a talented gent. 

As of late it's begun to hit after 20 years of imbibing in this music from its relative infancy to its universal infestation and watching the changing of the guard that the forerunners of the sound are my age, or older. We are seeing the nostalgic interviews, the retrospectives, the reunion tours, re-issues and remasters, and songs that were once cutting edge playing out in car commercials within the very same system that was once a source of rebellion.

There is a batch of new talent coming up, Vytis among them, who are hopefully trying to push the envelope and make it about the music rather than imitate in an effort at achieving fame and success which ultimately reduces or eliminates the chance that music can affect change rather than entrancing consumers into conformity.

It's a 'Name Your Price' offering but show some support to give this man some breathing room to develop his own sound. 

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  1. The recent MIchael Stearns offering "Lyra" is my favorite work of his. That's my view after my first listen with less than 5 minutes into track 1. Sculptural indeed. Very rare.Many thanks!