Monday, December 8, 2014

Sense​/​Net: Music for Outskirts (2014)

My new favorite netlabel with a perfect compilation to catch the vibe.

This compilation was thoroughly and carefully produced by people who don’t seem to be connected to each other by any way possible: a theologian, a philosopher, a biologist, an ex-drug dealer and a wandering pornographer. The only things that united us were the vortex of melancholy and the eeriness of night. We bloom like flowers by the lights of monitors and street lamps, but not by the sunshine. We’re longing for something more, something big, even global. 
Ordered the cassette, more for the story than anything else. There's something tangible about the weirdness of the whole thing.

It was really hard: we took 47 cassettes from Malaysia, 47 cases from China, 47 covers from Ukraine, 9 tracks from ex-USSR artists and now we are ready to sell.
Highly recommend a download of everything they have to offer and put in on repeat to really absorb yourself into why I find this so bloody enjoyable.

It's all at a 'Name Your Price' offering though I do recommend truly supporting their efforts to keep the music alive.

Highly recommended.

The compilation can be found

You can also check an assortment of mixes offered up from the label on Mixcloud

And, on an aside, their main page has one of the best images I've ever seen on the web:

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