Thursday, December 4, 2014

aspect. - bp4 [CFM059] (2014)

Incredible lineup of some of the best among the current roster of 'dub techno' and all its iterations and variations offering up remixes a track from one of the "elders" of the post-BC/DC/ES wave of pioneers. 

From Cold Fiction Music, one of the best netlabels on the Web at the moment:

From the ashes of Textural Being rises... aspect.
By way of introduction, Portland, OR, producer Sage Taylor offers bp4, a floating dub techno track to demonstrate the new alias...
Or, that's how it began, anyway. A few months, several emails and many remixes later, an album is born. Calling on multiple sources of talent spread across the far flung corners of the world, Sage has gathered an impressive list of remixers, including: Mandrasigma, Rabbit Rabbit, Zander One, Katsura, Substak, Fingers in the Noise, Zwei Kreise, Desove, Warmth, Coppice Halifax and The Downgrade Complex...
And as a bonus, at the end, are two alternate mixes by aspect. himself. It's an album for rainy days and headphones... One to get lost in. use that one
Check out the names and track down works under each of their names. You will not be disappointed.

It's offered up as a 'Name Your Price' offering but be generous to allow musical offerings such as this to not only continue but evolve among continuing generations of artists.


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