Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blueneck - Night Of The Meek (2014)

Ok, so the Christmas thing and the obligatory artist covers of Christmas songs is way overdone. Has been for years. Probably always will be. Blueneck, however, is new, at least to my ears. May not bring anyone to tears but it's got pull and it may just shake the dust off the accumulated layers of cynicism and syrupy sentimentality that surrounds the media saturation this time of year.

'Name Your Price' download

And if you haven't checked out their newest release, King Nine (the vinyl is a stunning work of art), you can download an acoustic version of the track 'Man Of Lies' at a 'Name Your Price' offering


P.S. If you haven't checked it already, Lustmord's take on 'Silent Night' is, oddly, a beautiful reflection on what it means in the world in which we live today.

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