Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Epic of GIlgameSH

The one that really matters. Before Nirvana's SLTS explosion and pre-MBV's game changing second LP this mind blowing refined wash of layered guitar and buried vocals seemed to emerge out of some deep, dark other world.

I was well beyond the obligatory suburban diet of classic rock regurgitation and 'hair metal' and looking for an edgier, dirtier and, in the true sense of the word, grungier sound to channel the anger that I was forcing down with alcohol. NIN's HLAH was on constant repeat by this time and gave some expression to that anger while foreshadowing my full immersion into the electronic underworld.

But this one tapped into something. No one in my circles had a clue what this was ('Who?' they would say) until the next album dropped. That one made them famous but it was this one...

Had an original first issue cassette I recently coughed up to my nephew 20+ years later.  A vinyl aficionado, there was a slight irony when he didn't know how to close it once it had been opened.

Play loud.


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  1. Gish is the shit! Best SP release, hands down.