Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Old School

I won't bore you with details but my entry ramp into what would become a life spent immersed in electronic music began with the albums below. Disparate elements of electronics in music have been around for many, many decades but it seems as if it was the 80s where it all began to coalesce into the ubiquitous sounds that surround us today.

High school, early 80s, family trip home up from Florida, met 'Kit Kat' (remember CB Radios?) on the Interstate. Long story that I may go into sometime. During a visit to her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee (longer story there), an evening under the stars on her back porch and there is this music playing that sounded otherworldly, foreign, odd, invigorating. 

The first album below, spinning on that turntable, changed not only the environment that evening but it expanded my musical horizon. I went out and bought that album and the follow up on vinyl and swam in that ocean over and over again until I learned every nuance of each of the albums.

Though less well known, the third album came out my senior year. While this album veered in the direction of 'pop' (Track is 4 a catchy, almost wrongfully so, head bobbing, drive faster groove), it was the tribute song on this album that stands out as it stirs up reflections of physics class being stopped to wheel in a t.v. to watch the disaster thus giving the album a permanent residence in long term memory.

Although the seeds were already present, this was the gateway drug that set me free.

So, sourced from wax, the way I first heard them.


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