Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blueneck - King Nine

Have been eyeing this for weeks and dropped an order today for the limited edition vinyl, mostly on the strength of this song:

It may have to do with the cover art and the whole 'Gothic South' thing as well, perhaps adding to the myth and thus the appeal for me. Go here for another UK connection to the same fascination and you'll see what I mean. Here's the back story on how the artwork came to be:

How Blueneck Sent Lasse Hoile On A True Detective Mission

Have been gravitating not necessarily away from 'dub techno' (it's still the general ambience in which I swim) but toward more drone/post rock categorized music and especially that point at which the two merge. There's something therapeutic when the level of noise/distortion somehow morphs into what is often referred to as ambient. Pretty sure these guys fall into the "post rock" category but, not being familiar with their back catalogue (yet), this is my first go round with their stuff.

You can stream the album


The Denovali label is one of the best labels out there. Artists off the mainstream radar who are really trying to make music in its best form: personal expression and creativity. Sound like a sales pitch? Guess it kind of is but such pitches don't come lightly.  

Check out their label here:


P.S. A bit puzzled by the label's move on the mp3 that was stated, in writing, to be included with the vinyl purchase. Dropped almost $50 for the LP and the mp3 download that was to be included with it will be in the album. So it is included with the album in a literal sense. Meanwhile, folks can download it on the site and enjoy listening to it while those of us who chose to invest in the vinyl have to wait.

Update: One of the band members contacted me about this which is pretty cool. They had no control of the 'how' of the digital files for vinyl buyers and he graciously offered a link to a stream of the album. Didn't think the band had anything to do with it (know how that works) but it still says a lot for him to do that. Mad props, show support however you are able.

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