Sunday, September 28, 2014

Peaceful Atom - VACVVM (2010)

Had a different post in mind but my mouse was, uh, altered by some little munchkins residing in my house so I thought this would fit the bill. My right click is the only side that works so I'm a bit handicapped when it comes to my usual operations to do what I do.

I have this fascination with electrical towers as anyone who has been here for a while may recognize so of course the cover art on this one led me to it when it was originally released. These reside in Russia and, like many things Russian as seen from outside of Russia, there is something primal about these.

The artist has a concept behind it which is quite cool, and mysterious (think Pripyat), which you can read in greater detail here. The resident static and field recordings add to what is in effect a rather 'ambient' (in a good way) album.

I was really excited to see they have a Bandcamp page with many albums to their credit, older and newer, all for a 'Name Your Price' offering

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