Saturday, September 20, 2014

Headspace - tonepoet (2014)

Discovered this on my Bandcamp feed. Emotive music, a remedy for daily chaos, including the chaotic indecisiveness that often comes as a professed music junkie. I'd call it 'ambient' but that is a delimiting term that renders thoughts of New Age-y, regurgitated schmaltz that ends up on countless, anonymous compilations.

This is not that. There is some real effort in this and it really has a calming effect to take you safely into the comfort of your own introversion and allows you to drift wherever it is your introversion takes you. This isn't the distortion heavy intoxication of an Eluvium or Paper Armies, all of which tap into different states of mind, it is a more gentle and floating state.

All that said, I create this stuff on the world's worst equipment (I don't even use a mouse for editing (it was stolen, no kidding), so I use a headache-inducing touch pad and deal with constant crashes on my crippled 8 year old laptop.
There is something moving about such efforts to express thoughts and feelings through music.

High recommendation.

'Buy It Now' price but, if possible, show some real support.


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  1. Hey there, it's me (Tonepoet). I'm absolutely flattered by your small review. I've been getting good feedback about 'Headspace' and promise to make my next full release (I'm planning an EP before the end of the year) my finest effort. I really, REALLY thank you for the support!! Peace.