Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Morning Oomkah

So how did I get here?

The serendipity to bring me here is, first, Arms and Sleepers, with, second, thisquietarmy and the collision of thisquietarmy's remix on Arms and Sleepers Matador Remixed release, a connection I only made recently. I've been on a thisquietarmy-style guitar/distortion/ambient/drone thing as of late having burned out on waiting for my Echospace fix. 

Featuring artists such as Arms and Sleepers, thisquietarmy, 36, Max Richter and a 'collage' of other artists, dive in and be taken away.

The rules of the game are this:

The rules of the game are the same: a half an hour to follow the story to its climactic scene using the language of Music.
There are others, all worth checking out. The digital releases are gratis and/or Buy It Now but merchandise is available and donations are highly recommended to keep the music alive.


P.S. Off to see Rascal Flatts in the Big D tonight.


  1. Great disc, thanks. Happen to have The Sombient Trilogy?

  2. No problem. I do have the Trilogy. Haven't listened to it in quite some time, may time for another trip through.

  3. Right on, mine got nicked by some movers who helped themselves to couple boxes of discs. Been listening to a lot of stuff from the Noisewerks label lately. Reminds me of the Extreme stuff. Might be up your alley. Check it out on Bandcamp.