Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trim Silence - Walking On Thin Air (2013)

Great little EP I stumbled across somewhere while virtual digging. A little heavier than my usual fare as of late but it held my attention enough to listen to it in full. Here's the background:

The story is very simple. It's about astronaut who was thrown away in the depths of the cold space. This is the 30 minutes road from the panic and apathy to the dreams of salvation. At the end of his falling the astronaut was burned in the Earth's atmosphere. Fire brings us all closer to our roots.
A variety of styles, a little electronica smattered with some Burial-ish vocals mixed with some instrumental, almost post-rock, space music. Some of those background "mission control" sound effects makes this a nice little trip.

He has a new sampler out in anticipation of a full scale upcoming release which, from the sounds of it, will be a win.

Name Your Price, you know what to do.

Check it



  1. I would like to thank you for this great discovery...

  2. De nada. Glad you like. It was a pleasant surprise for me as ell!