Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Morning Dub - archives

It is unfortunate but in this day and age keeping labels and music alive is a financial challenge. Some (maybe most) of the best music made today comes from independent artists and labels. Get them while you can and please do support whenever you are able.

Deepindub was one of the best labels out there and introduced the world to an amazing slew of releases. Many of the artists featured on the label continue to produce music so track down their stuff.

Fortunately all ten years of their material has been archived and you can get every single release put out by the label

10 GB of music, a dub techno lover's dream. Don't sleep as it may not be around forever. As we are learning, hard drive space is the new currency.

In another moment of serendipity, I got an email this morning from label founder Maurizio Miceli sharing the same link. He is in the lab on his own website here and is working on a new project, follow him on his FB account here.

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