Saturday, July 26, 2014


Driving home from work the other day and "B_rn in the _S_" from this comp drops and I'm blown away. That album dropped originally in the summer of my sixteenth year and it was the album of the summer. It wasn't the hit single from the album (that dancing thing, sure he's still kicking himself), it was the other tracks that made that summer memorable as I grew up in a town with a similar feel.

The last album of his that had any resonance was "Gh_st of T_m J_ad" but the politicizing and overall idolatry associated with his name has rendered him and the music but a memory in the annals of my life filed away as relic.

So with that context and twenty plus years later in which that context has morphed, this version really hit that sweet spot and sounded so, so good. There are a few non-memorable versions on here but some of them sound so much better with the extra layers of cynicism that have enabled the sentimentality of the original to take on a new light.

Highly recommended.

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