Saturday, July 26, 2014

Electronic Explorations - Ike Yard

The DJ mix has become ubiquitous and wading through the universe of mixes leads to a certain blandness and sameness as DJs often share the same tracks amongst themselves, especially when you are into a certain genre and come across mix after mix of the same tracks reused like one gigantic universal DJ mix that becomes the air you breathe.

That being said, occasionally a mix emerges that catches your ear and sends you traversing through a different wormhole. This was one of them.

It's a mix that does an incredibly fluid job of revealing where a certain punk aesthetic and a certain strain of techno aesthetic morph which leads to, on a more singular level, a parallel understanding how a band like Joy Division morphed into New Order. 

The mix runs the gamut from the late 70s to the now and back in a fashion where the whole trip has a timeless element to it. 


You can download it 

01 - A Certain Ratio: “All Night Party” – [Factory Records, UK 1979]
02 - Les Vampyrettes: “Biomutanten” – [EMI, Germany 1980]
03 - Plastikman: “Ekko” – [NovaMute, UK 1998]
04 - Basic Channel: “Phylyps Trak” – [Basic Channel, Germany 1993]
05 - Sandwell District: “Immolare (Function version)” – [Sandwell District, UK 2011]
06 - Autechre: “Further” – [Warp, UK 1994]
07 - VioletShaped: “cX310” – [Violet Poison, Germany 2013]
08 - Andy Stott: “Expecting” – [Modern Love, UK 2012]
09 - Young Gods: “Percussionne” – [Trance Records (Germany), Switzerland 1987]
10 - Suicide: “Harlem” – [ZE Records (UK), US 1980]
11 - Mars: “3E” – [Rebel Records (France), US 1978]
12 - Pop Group: “3:38” – [Radar Records, UK 1979]
13 - Ike Yard: “Kino” – [Factory America, US 1982]
14 - Aphex Twin: “Schottkey 7th Path” – [R&S Records (Belgium), UK 1992]
15 - British Electric Foundation: “The Decline of the West” – [Virgin Records, UK 1981]
16 - Ike Yard: “Carbon Night” – [Unreleased, US 2013]

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