Saturday, July 6, 2013

Deep In Dub Compilations

This data cap is interesting. This is a period of time to stop and reflect and really look inside to understand exactly what data means and what its consumption symbolizes. Without waxing too philosophical, it is very easy today to lose one's soul in the stream of data.

With this cap I've been "forced" outside, almost literally. We inherited a patio set from my folks right around the same time as the cap and it sits on our rickety, collapsing back porch. I've been sitting out there daily for hours on end: reading, listening to music, writing, hanging with family, watching the birds nesting in the crevice of the aluminum cage holding the vinyl porch roof. Much better therapy than getting lost in the data.

Granted, there are days where the urge to jump online and get lost is great but it's getting a bit easier. As a former addict whose addictive tendencies always seek an outlet, it feels like I am reclaiming some of those things I've let slide. Epiphanies will do that. But, I digress...

As for the music being posted here, you'll notice that I've been promoting more and more netlabels and streaming music rather than providing direct uploads. Still on the prowl for hard to find and out of print titles but these are becoming fewer and fewer with more and more items moving to  the digital realm.

For those who remember the In Dub We Trust from last year, has two other compilations in their back catalogue that are also essential. In fact, the Chanting Soul comp was their very first release going back to 2006. So for your pleasure, dive in. It's a good trip back to see how far this style of music has evolved.

Chanting Soul (2006)

Info and download

Walking Spirits (2008)

Info and download

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  1. Thanks for the post, Aorto. I've been listening to Walking Spirits off and on since it came out. A very nice selection of choons. Looking forward to hearing Chanting Soul.

    I just don't understand your data cap issue. My ISP does sell different subscription packages. I chose one with unlimited data, for the obvious reason. Is it possible that you inadvertently signed up for a similar service?

    Actually, re-reading your initial post on the subject it seems that you purchased a 150GB/mo. package. That is indeed a heck of a lot of data, even for folks like you and me. You know the answer - time to evict the other members of your household! Or put them all to work doing odd jobs for the neighborhood in order to buy a fresh subscription!

    Thanks again for the cool links. It's great to read your blog.