Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Afternoon Dub

Missed my Sunday Dub this week so here's an attempt to patch that up. Been a bit busy with work and with life in general. Things are happening and changing and life feels as if it's about to veer in a different direction. Hang on for the ride.

DeepWarmth & Textural Being - DW​/​TB: Split EP (2010)


This one goes back a ways (I missed it first time around) but this should force you to tap into the depth of releases on this label (currently at 56 with more on the way). Show love and support


Deep Diversity - Deep Electronics Compilation (2014)

An unfamiliar label which features some familiar names. Name Your Price offering, you know what to do.

Get your dub (techno) on


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  1. always happy to see new posts here! you're a person of distinct taste