Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cut Records - Subscription, Recommended

Looks like a definite winner here. Recommended by our friends at Dub Techno Blog (whose weekly broadcast on Mxlr is highly recommended). Subscription cost is only $1 a month and it will get you each release that comes out (currently a goal of an album a month) from a variety of artists currently featured on the label.

It's beyond reasonable as the cost of making, producing and hosting music online isn't cheap and it certainly isn't free. Help a brother out and show some genuine support, see where it goes.

I currently subscribe to Giriu Dvasios' site as well for $1 a month. As label founder of Cold Tear Records it's a bargain as that label has some of the best musical offerings to be found online.

Info on the Cut Records site and the subscription can be found 

An interview with label founder DFRNT can be found

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