Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zwei Kreise - Athene Island (2015)

Formerly operating under the moniker as Axs, in the game for a long time now but restlessly pigeonholed into the 'dub techno' genre tag, Zwei Kreise evolved in order to allow him more artistic freedom. His 'dub techno' is certainly recommended but not one to stay comfortable in a particular genre, his creativity has now found room to breathe.

There have been many remixes under this name and a stellar cassette release but this is the first full album proper. It's a thematic whole and, as a bonus, includes some remixes from artists who represent a wide range of styles and represent, quite literally, the world. From the BC page write-up:

When in early/mid 2015 I felt like I was finally done with retouching the album, I enlisted the help of some fellow music producers. They are people that I both like as individuals and deeply admire as craftsmen, and I wanted them to provide remixes for the album. I am very grateful that they heeded my call : Canada's premier atmospheric dub sorcerer, wzrdryAV (aka. Kelly Claude Nairn) ; France's pride and joy, Zzzzra (under his new experimental alias Brutalisme) ; Korea's best kept secret, Xiami; and USA's very own underground electronic music mastermind, Milieu (aka. Brian Grainger, or Coppice Halifax).
Not free but at the price to pay it is a bargain.

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