Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Yammouni Files (1992)

Many, many moons ago I began the pursuit of this cassette only release from what remains one of my favorite, though now retired, labels. I did not know of nor would have known of its existence prior to the advent of the Web but immersed myself fully once I stumbled across it. Electronic, dark, even dangerous, it spoke to me.

However, some of its earlier releases were released on tape based formats only. The I+T=R VHS containing the visual work of Richard Grant remains a collection in need of reissue/remaster on DVD or other similar format. I have the VHS and an audio rip of the music but it sounds like it was ripped from VHS. 

And then there was this one. A fantastic assortment of Australian artists who represent a lesser known side of the sound of electronic based music in the early 90s, this remains a hidden gem. Several of the groups/artists moved on to other projects but most of these artists remain encapsulated within that time frame and within this cassette.

I am still looking for the physical cassette to add to my collection but the format here is a one of a kind, direct from 'the original masters' you might say, and is available here, and only here, on HTCIS.

Sometimes you just gotta ask and the kindness and generosity of people will surprise you.

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