Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ambient Meditations

Some of the best ambient compilations ever sounding as good, perhaps even better, today than when they were originally released. They sound good, even without chemical assistance (or perhaps these take me back to a different time and place).

Each mix has a definite "spiritual" element to them in that late 90s retro-psy, eastern-ish kind of way which adds to their overall vibe.

All are essential but check out the who's who of the mixers of the last three volumes. The final volume took some work tracking down and prices still tend to be high for the CD but there is no need any longer.

Ambient Meditations (1998)

Ambient Meditations 2 (1999)

Mixed by Dr Alex Paterson

Ambient Meditations 3 (2000)

Mixed by Youth

Ambient Meditations 4 - God Bless The Chilled (2002)

Mixed by Mixmaster Morris

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