Friday, February 20, 2015

variant - auratia (2015)

Perhaps my favorite echospace related project, Variant, is back with yet another drop of sonic wizardry. This project has taken on a life of its own. Along with the Echoes In Space sound library, though no longer available on the site, this will make you realize the infinite varieties of ghosts available in the machine.

This new sonic submersion was inspired by found sounds and field recordings captured during the blizzard known as “linus”, the 5th worst blizzard in Chicago and Detroit’s history. the magic of the polar vortex and the arctic conditions it left behind inspired and set the stage for the creation of “auratia” and the mystical sonic world it evoked.
Variant's "Auratia" is made entirely with hardware, paying homage to infinite forms of synthesis, from analog, dco, waveshaping, vector, there's a myriad of forms explored producing unique results. Vintage analog equipment in conjunction with innovative customized modular synthesizers winnow a basis for algorithmic structure improvisation. This sound experiment re-synthesizes from a current plane into altered planes of effects-a radically new experience that breaks down barriers.
Ghostly harmonics fold and unfold like symmetrical patterns in nature to generate a myriad of complex and infinite rhythmic lines. Tessellations for higher dimensions, this mosaic of melody delivers an eccentric experience. Something for the heads in search of sonic meditation with 2 near 60 minute infinite pieces of organic dub grooves with an emphasis on synthesis experimentation and out-of-this world sonic apparitions.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll pounce on them at Boomkat if they get it in. The echospace bandcamp tends to sell out of Variant hard copies instantaneously, it seems! On a side note may I request you post Rod Modell plays Michael Mantra and Global Systems Silently Moving - Altering the Air. Those two albums are long out of print. Thanks for your great site.