Sunday, February 1, 2015

3216 - mourner (2015)

My latest favorite label, Sense/Net, out of Russia, is back with a new release. 

With artists on the label with names like mourner and Unhappy Synths and albums with names like A Lust For Boredom, Detroit Bankruptcy and on the edge a.m. you get a feel for the overall vibe and DIY ethic.

This one is a compilation featuring label artists with special guest Kaisa (with a curious reference to Kaisa-Leena Mäkäräinen, Finnish Olympic biathlete).

Weighing in at 32:40 the track 32 steals the show. Techno geekery at its finest with nary a beat in sight, in the right mood and the right volume this one will dust off the cobwebs in your brain and make you feel alive.

Name Your Price' offering, check it out.

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