Sunday, November 23, 2014

Church Done Gone Techno

Ok, this may seem really out of nowhere but hang with me for a minute...

As noted earlier, I am a spiritual guy and am always in pursuit of that 'higher' thing that we all seek. I've found it in the spiritual path I am currently on which is the context of this track. It's written by the children's pastor from our church who, minus the lyrics/vocals (it's for kid's mind you), has a knack for creating a catchy hook.

So we're watching/listening to this in church this morning and it's all happy and bouncy, especially the kids, and I smile to myself because this track's skeleton has its roots in the electronic 'club' music which really gained traction 25 or so odd years ago. The emotion and enthusiasm this morning was, in many ways, just an extension of that 'club' energy. It's a primal human desire to move to a good beat. Just because there is a 'Jesus stamp' on this doesn't somehow absolve it of its origins in the club.

I've seen this in the Pentecostal/Charismatic church as well. There is a trance-like energy induced by the music and there are moments within such services that a person can get just as 'high' as someone who is at a rave or a well crafted DJ set. 

A preacher, in many ways, is like that DJ who knows how to build a good set and take it to its peak to drive a crowd into a frenzy and bring it back down into that blissed out chill that leaves an afterglow. I remain fascinated by this connection between music and spirituality and the merging of the two and also am amazed that this so easily slips into the church unnoticed by so many. 

So give it a listen, at least once, and see if you hear what I mean:

Church Rave

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