Saturday, November 15, 2014

DeepWarmth - Balance (2014)

Stellar release just out from DeepWarmth (aka James Shain, who runs the Cold Fiction Music netlabel).

"A love letter to the Japanese lounge/chillout scene", Balance is a little under 70-minutes of blissed-out downtempo recalling sunlight and streetlights."
Featuring 10 tracks made over 4 years, and ending with a special Coppice Halifax remix by Milieu. A love letter to the Japanese Chillout/Lounge scene I found through the making of the album. 

The album is supported by Sage Taylor and Hiroshi Watanabe (aka Kaito).

A strong ambient flavored release this is an updated throwback to when 'ambient/chillout' music meant something other than schmaltz.

Highly recommended.

'Name Your Price' offering but show some love as this is an artist (and label owner) with a pulse on what music is all about.

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