Thursday, February 27, 2014


Just got back from South of the Border where it was in the mid 70s compared to the -10° wind child at home as I write this. Photo above vaguely reminded me of the cover of Michael Stearns' Chronos LP.

I have a really long list of tracks from the journey to load when I find a moment. Encountered some new tracks that knocked me for a loop so I'll single those out so you can track down the "context" (i.e. the album) from which those were drawn. From country to industrial and everything in between, it's quite a mix.

However, one of the surprises of this trip was the plethora of "long players" (20 minutes or more) that dropped in the shuffle. It was relaxing, calming and meditative, something that doesn't usually happen while in shuffle mode. I am working on a book project so these long players really helped me absorb myself into the project and the travel. I have lately found myself gravitating more and more to "drone" type music such as releases by Docetism and N to calm a wayward mind so this was apropos.

Track 1 caught me at the right moment and held me captivated. With a brief echospace interlude, Track 2 dropped next in the shuffle to keep me on track. Track 3 dropped a little later and Track 4 is a bonus I threw in. Listen to Track 3 in its entirety and you'll understand why. Alan Lamb's wire music would not have been out of place as Track 5.

So, for your enjoyment (until I upload the mix), relax, put the headphones on and drift.

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