Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kreislauf Netlabel - Thanks For N0theen

Been a bit busy as of late so haven't been able to post like I want. 

Aside from that I'm finally getting around to committing to leaving the cult of Apple. Leaning toward Foobar2000 and the Fiio option. Foobar2000 looks awesome but, like all things open source, it's going to take some time (that I don't have) to learn the ins and outs of it. Hoping the payoff is worth it.

Like the idea of a non-hard drive mp3 player with lossless capability. Hard drives and mp3 players are not equipped to handle the volume of traffic my experimenting causes and it seems as if I tear these hard drives up. I have way too much music for the other portable options (phones and the like).

Anyhow, this is definitely one of the better stumble upon finds in the netlabel universe. It's a wormhole so go deep. Solid.

Along with the Mogwai hört compilations, these will keep you entranced for days:

Daystream (2009)

Nightstream (2009)


Check out the rest of the site


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