Saturday, March 21, 2015

sub.spiele Netlabel

Don't think I've given a shout out to this label before but it is a sleeper if you aren't familiar with it. Mostly in the ambient, dubby techno vibe, the releases are always quality.

The releases are not of a 'buy it now' nature, a change of pace here, but there is value here and, as I'm learning, sometimes spending that extra dime makes the music somehow that much sweeter as in a small way the music is able to continue living. 

From the label:

Subspiele tries to be useful and responsible as a non-profit label with awareness for environmental matters. Subspiele loves music as the highest form of communication across individuals. Music is not subject to any barriers or preconditions – it’s a universal reflection of nature’s beauty.

As for this release:

notes: when traveling through oregon last year i stumbled across this mystic place. the entire landscape was covered in lava. odly enough, quite a few trees had found their way to grow on this rocky ground. i stopped for quite a while, simply watching this breathtaking landscape, overwhelmed once again by the beauty of nature. 11 artists created a soundworld around this picture of that place. the goal was to capture the feeling evoked by this special landscape. just listen to the result and see for yourself. very deep dub techno - enjoy the tracks.


If you are interested in a sampler of this release, check out the soundcloud page. I recommend this, especially if you have an account at soundcloud, as you have an opportunity to get a d/l of all the tracks direct from the label at no cost if you read the entire bandcamp listing in detail.


P.S. Back from holiday, was introduced to some new artists while overseas so will be sharing these discoveries first chance I get.

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