Sunday, March 22, 2015

Minus Silence - MS 3 [MS​-​031] (2015)

If you like your ambient a little darker, a little more claustrophobic, this may be for you.

Follow my lead as to how I stumbled across this one:

Started with this release here on the Sense/Net label (a current favorite). Was surprised to see this listed on discogs since most of the Sense/Net releases have been added by me. Looked to see who listed it and found someone by the name of lost-radio.

Clicked on the lost-radio name and randomly clicked through some of the entries there and found myself at this bandcamp page which featured a different cover of the same album but released three months earlier.

Intrigued, I went back and found the lost-radio bandcamp page and began the pursuit. Did a search on 'lost-radio' and 'bandcamp' and found the release posted in the title.

Featuring artists new to me, including lost-radio, I've been playing it in the background and it has a drone/ambient vibe that satisfies while driving around town later at night.  You can check it out as a 'buy it now' offering

While there, do some virtual digging and see what the label has to offer. Currently at 33 releases there is certainly something there to go deeper.

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