Saturday, April 21, 2012

DMCA on the prowl...

Been browsing the blogosphere and have noticed many, many sites with rants about how their MF account has been suspended and/or files have been removed.

I got a takedown notice today (gambled on a 2011 album...).  The notice is not a request for a takedown.  The takedown happens first, the notice follows.

Hate to say it but they are really sapping the joy out of blogging (and music has gone the way of professional sports...), driving folks (and musicians) further and further underground.

I'm still at it and will continue to pass on what I find but obviously the format has changed.

More experimental, more net label links and more "personalized" compilations in which to discover new music and do your own digging.

The underground is alive and well...

Stay tuned.

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